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Lyon Airport Arrivals

Persons who are first time visiting airport should reach earlier. Large airports are very confusing especially for the passengers who are traveling first time. But when you came in routine you would be comfortable and can easily decide to which time he has to reach to avoid delay. If a person reached earlier, there are many activities at airport like internet, shops, resting areas, prayer rooms etc. but first make sure that the while busy in these activities one should not forget the boarding. First check in, and then enter the security area and then boarding the plane. In the mean while if one can have time he can enjoy these activities.

At airport everything takes time so the passenger should reach at such time that he accomplishes all goals. Like check in, entering in security area, security control, shopping, eating so reach at the time which was announced by the airline which is generally 2 or 2.5 hours before flight.

Sometimes problems occurs like not finding right terminal or right check in counter so there must be enough time so one must not be late. If a person is traveling first time then it’s better to reach earlier than the time given by respective airline so that in case of any incident flight may not be missed.

Before leaving home the passenger must check all documents. Important documents that might be needed at airport are NIC, tickets, passport etc.

Larger airports have many terminals and distance from one terminal to another may be greater so be at airport on time because one should have enough time to find right terminal.

As soon as one enters the airport must find the correct check in counter. At some airports boards are present which have information about flights and at some airports one has to find the airline counter.