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Lyon Tourist Attractions

Lyon is one of the main cities of France. It is the 3rd largest city of France and the second largest urban area. Lyon is the capital of Rhone-Alpes region. It is a historical city with sharp culture. The concept of cinema started from this place. The city was founded by the great Romans. The city has some planning errors like motorways are passing through the city centre. Lyon is unique in its architecture. Strategically the city of Lyon is very important because it is in between southern and northern Europe. It is the banking powerhouse. The city has lot to do with it.

The city of Lyon contains a number of shopping centers, clubs, prestigious universities, theaters, peaceful gardens, museums and cathedrals. It is very close to Switzerland. Some tourists visit Lyon to enjoy the beauty and architecture of the buildings. Lyon is also near to some least crowded beautiful villages. The city is also very attractive economically.

Lyon has two rivers which run south and north of the Lyon city. There are many places of interest in Lyon. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Old Lyon: this area is along the south river which is named as Saone.
  2. Fourviere Wheel: most commonly known as the hill which prays because of many religious institutes and various churches. Romans were settled at the hill once.
  3. Croix Rousse: present between centres of two rivers. It is known as the hill that works because at this place silk work was started.
  4. Part-Dieu: this is the area which is directed to railway station of the city of Lyon.
  5. Presqu’ile: this place is called as the heart of city and is very beautiful.
  6. Etas Unis: very interesting place to visit because it contains houses that were build in 1920.
  7. Confluence: it is basically industrial area with great architecture.
  8. Brotteaux: it is the wealthiest small district.
  9. Vaise: this city is under development.

This city is very important economically. From many centuries it is the centre for silk industry. Beside these large numbers of chemical industries and an important oil refinery unit is also present in this city. Work within biotechnology and pharmaceutics is also carried out here. Economically it is the most attractive city of France. Many important insurance companies and banks have their offices in this city. It is easily accessible after Paris throughout the Europe. It has many research centers and cheap in the sense of real estate.

Beside these attractions many traditional festivals also took place here:

  1. Nuits de Fourviere: this festival is started in June and continues till the early August. During this period many concerts (jazz, pop, classical), cinema, theaters and dancing programs are held and where international artists perform their art.
  2. Biennales: this festival is started in September and ends in December. The festival is started with the dancing parade. Funny and interesting festival.
  3. Festivals of Light: another interesting festival and is considered as the major festival of the year. Initially it was a religious event and then converted into an international event. Windows of houses are lightened by candles. Four million visitors are attracted by this festival every year.
  4. Nuits sonores: held in May and is celebrated with electronic music.

Lyon can be traveled by many ways like by cars, taxis, train, bus, and bicycle. The most attracting point for visitors is that the most of the places like churches, parks and traboules are free to visit and have no tickets. Lyon city cards are available from the tourist office which contains reduced or free entrée to many museums, unlimited ride on public transport etc.

Buy a detailed map from nearby newspaper agency or bookshop because it may contain many places like restaurants or many places of interest which are not present in small maps.