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Lyon Airport Buses

When a person is visiting any city for the first time he must inquire everything about the city to avoid mental tension and problems. Take complete guide of the city through internet. If a person wants to travel by bus he must visit the website which gives complete information regarding bus routes of that city. In Lyon tourist offices are present and their websites which gives very good travel information. Their staff is mostly able to speak English and gives information and does bookings.

TCL is responsible of transportation in the city of Lyon. This city contains 120 bus lines. In the city of Lyon if a person wants to reach to the airport by bus it must reach to the bus stop. There are many stops of buses in this city but two are main stops which are Perrache and Part-Dieu. In Lyon the easiest largest places to find buses are Perrache and Part dieu. They are at the two main train stations. Approximately forty five (45) minutes are required to reach airport by bus. But if the traffic is more than the time may increase so one may pick bus at such time that he should not be late and reach airport before time. The buses leave stop after every 20 minutes so after every 20 minutes bus can be picked.

At Perrache station, bus stands are present at the bottom of the escalators on the right side near the exit of Perrache station. At Part dieu station of Lyon, the shuttle bus stands are located just immediate outside the station. While the rest of the bus stops in the city of Lyon can be easily located by the map. So persons not able to reach these two main stations can catch buses by other stops mentioned in the map. At Perrache station and Part-dieu, tickets can be bought easily from the bus driver.