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Lyon Airport Parking

Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport’s parking is divided into five areas that are:

  1. P0
  2. P1
  3. P2
  4. P5
  5. P6

At the airport 10,000 cars can be parked easily during 24 hours of the day. To connect the airport with the parking shuttle buses are available which connect parking area to the airport terminals. In the car parking trolleys are available to carry luggage easily.

At P0 the car can be parked for up to 3 days and it is very close to terminal 1. Short term car parking is done at the parking area P1 and it is present at walking distance to terminal 1. At P2 car can be parked for 24 hours and this area is very near to terminal number 2. At P5 the cars can stays from 3 to 90 days and it’s the long term parking and it has the greatest distance from the terminals. P6 is located near railway station and its also short term parking for up to 3 days. These parkings are charged and the person has to pay for it.

Disabled persons are advised to park their cars near the terminals in P0 parking area. Persons on wheel chair also park their cars at P0. These persons can get 50% off if they show their cards at parking.

Some websites are available which do advance booking of parking for the ease of passengers. They are easy to book, low prices, nearest to airport and satisfy their customers very well.

The payments can be done by to ways

  1. Machines are present at the entrance of airport and payments are done by cash or bank cards.
  2. Payments are to done at airport counters.

Shuttle buses are also present which connect airport terminals to the parking area. Parking is charged and is dependent on the number of days the car is parked in the airport. Charges are increased as the number of days during which the car is parked at the airport are increased.