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Lyon Airport Trains

Traveling through railways is very common and famous throughout the Europe because they are comfortable, cheap and efficient. Many types of rails are present in Europe like scenic train travel, high speed railways, night rails and regional trains. Most commonly high speed rails are used .TGV rails are present throughout the Europe. They are high speed trains. These trains travel to many destinations. Railway network of France is known as SNCF. From the railway station one can reach Paris, various areas of Rhone-Alps and Italy. Chambery, Marseille, Grenoble, Provence, Nice, Avignon, Valence, Orange, Montilemar, Toulon, Montpellier etc all are covered by this railway system. It is a 90 minutes journey to Marseille, three and a half hours Italy, four hours Nice and 2 hours Paris.

Unluckily this railway system takes to many destinations but do not travel inside the city of Lyon. So the passengers can use buses to reach the Lyon.

Lyon railway station has automatic ticketing machines SNCF ticketing area is also present with information desk. P6 parking area is very close to railway station. SNCF has made many arrangements for the ease of disabled and physically challenged persons. Ramps, lifts and wheel chairs are available. Red jacketed porters ere available giving free services to the persons with invalidity card. Small wheelchairs are also available to move easily in trains.

Tickets can be purchased in many forms like point to point, for a single point or ideal pass can be purchased. Youthpass and railpass permits four day unlimited travel in a month. Youthpass can be used by passengers less than 26 years of age. Seniorpass and saverpass are also available. Saverpass is beneficial when two persons are traveling and seniorpass give benefits to passengers more than 60 years age.

Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport is designed in such a way that it provides best services to their passengers.