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Lyon Airport Departures

After the process of checking and before departure there are many activities you can done like shopping, walking, using internet, reading etc. but the passenger must pay his full attention on the announcement by the airline about the departure. It would be much better to look the departure gate earlier so that as soon as announcement is done one can reach the departure gate. As the announcement is done on airport “go to gate” one should reach the gate immediately. One thing should be kept in mind that departure gates are sometimes changed during the waiting hours so one should be alert.

Persons who are waiting for departure can shop. There are many shops at different locations in Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport like Beauty unlimited, Ol store, Le’escale, Le printemps, Relay, Danael etc. these shops contains magazines, perfumes, gift items, soveniers, jewellery, chocolates, flowers, cosmetics, wide variety of books etc. duty free shops are also present at airport where many things are available at reasonable prices.

If you have a membership card or ticket then you should visit different lounges which are present at airport. Normally business class and first class tickets give access to different lounges. By waiting in a lounge is the most comfortable way of waiting for a flight on an airport. Lounges provide many facilities like television, beverages, free snacks, smoking zone, internet, office access and comfortable seats.

Toilets of lounges are far better than the toilets of the rest of the airport. It is better to use the toilet of airport than the toilet of the plane.

In some good airports other facilities like children internet cafes, playrooms, pubs and business centres are also present.

Because of the reason that the Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport is the fourth largest airport the departure lounges are may be busy especially at peak times of winters when people are going on holidays they are advised to take print out of the boarding card which is available at the website of their airline.