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Aeroport St Exupery, BP 131 Santolas, Lyon, F-69125 (France)
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Hertz Lyon Airport

One of the famous car hiring agencies is Hertz car hire. Persons traveling through Lyon airport can hire a car by Hertz car. Lyon is a beautiful city so a number of tourists come to spend their vacations in Lyon. From Lyon go to different cities and towns and for this purpose they hire different types of cars from Lyon.

From Lyon hertz cars can be hired from 5 different destinations:

  1. Car hire Avenue Jean Jaures
  2. Car hire Vaise- Rue Berjon
  3. Car hire Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport
  4. Car hire Gare SNCF Perrache-Railway station
  5. Car hire Lyon Part Dieu

Hertz car services are also available online. Open the website and fill information regarding location, date, time and destination. Then select the type of the car and finally click on quotation tab.

Hertz provides different promotions for their valued customers. They attract people by giving discounts and deals to their customers. Pictures of cars are available at website for selection which helps in taking decisions. They have categorized their cars into 8 categories:

  1. Fun collection
  2. Family collection
  3. Hertz prestige collection
  4. Green collection
  5. Commercial van or truck
  6. Standard cars
  7. 2 wheel vehicle
  8. Mini vans

Hertz provides Gold plus Rewards to their valued customers. Different categories are present like hertz club, club gold, club gold five star and club gold president’s circle. The first one is joined free; the second one needs 3 travel lings by hertz cars. The third one which is club gold five star require 10 rentals per year and the fourth one is obtained by 30 rentals per annum.

If a person is having any problem or confusion website also provide services to ask questions regarding traveling through hertz car services. The reservation can be easily viewed or modified or canceled through website.

Hertz provide on demand services that is to pay only at the time one is using the car and not for the time not using.